Christmas Decoration Ideas For Office That Everyone Will Love, both the adults and kids who would be visiting your workplace.

We recently just moved to our temporary office because our main office will undergo reconstruction. It’s both a bitter and sweet season for us, since not everyone if transferring to the sub-office but only those who are catering customers. How could we separated with our colleagues and circle of friends at work. Geeez, I’m so cheesy, but to tell you about the sweet part is that the new office is more organized than our old building, which would be very suitable for our Christmas Decorations this 2017!

Christmas Decoration Ideas for Office

This one’s my favorite, because it’s very personal seeing everyone’s face displayed. Turn your office into Santa’s workshop and let everybody be tiny elves! Imagine seeing your bosses’ photos up to the rank and file employees. Too awesome.

I am not much a fan of Halloween, so I’d say I’m really looking forward to Christmas. So as early as today I’m excited and would like to start decorating our new work place. I’ve been looking for the Best Christmas Decoration Ideas for Office and sure there are tons of these DIY ideas. I love you Pinterest, as always and Google of course. If you’re looking for the same idea, I’ve just compiled the best of the best DIY Office Christmas Decorations. You get to choose what’s suitable for your office. As some office can be very formal while others might be able to bring out the fun in them – being informal, funny and just childish! Browse my top favorite decorating ideas for the holiday season.

Easy Christmas Door Decorations

For those who only have few days left, here’s one easy Christmas door decoration. Very simple indeed and cheap. You could use some torn branches from your old Christmas tree.

Grinch Christmas Door Decorations for the Office

Lighted Snowman Wreath

This would look good if your company name is short, like ours is MCWD so instead of letter M we could do this with the complete name.

Christmas Door Decorations for the Office

How about a clever upside-down Santa door decoration? Here you go, this idea is too cute.

Christmas Door Decorations for the Office


Oh this look like a huge gift. Open and see who’s in there!

Christmas Door Decorations for the Office

A gingerbread Christmas house. Makes me wonder if there’s lots of gingerbread inside!

Christmas Door Decorations for the Office

This idea is a winner in their own office. It’s like a door inviting us to see how magical it is behind that door.

Holiday Door Decoration Contest – 1st Place – Accounting Department.

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

We all know how Grinch hates Christmas so much to be sneaking into houses and stealing someone’s Christmas tree. Isn’t this Christmas door decoration too cute to handle?

GRinch Christmas Door Decorating Ideas
Grinch Door Decorating Ideas
Decorating the Office for Christmas? Here’s Great Ideas to Have the Best Decorated Office in the Building!
These are mini cups usually used for salads. Recycle them and re-purpose to be able to come up with a cute DIY snowman decoration.
Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Santa’s workshop Christmas door decorations

Wouldn’t it be so cute to see this kind of decoration on Christmas day and all the employees wearing colorful elf hats, as if they’re Santa’s working elves?

Christmas Door Decorations for the Office

Christmas Window Decoration Ideas

Christmas Decoration. If you are looking for a cute, easy, and inexpensive way to decorate your windows for Christmas, this is the perfect project.

Christmas Decoration Ideas for windows

Stars and lights never go out of style for a winter land Christmas decoration idea.

Christmas Decoration Ideas for office windows

Christmas window treatment – get cheap ornaments at the dollar store, hang on fishing wire, knotting around the loop on each one, and then attach to a tension rod to display in window.

Christmas Decoration Ideas for office window

Candy Cane Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decoration Ideas for Office

more of these nice Christmas decorations for windows

Christmas Decorations for Office Tables

Office Table Christmas Decorations

Some people are so clever, with this is amazing fire place surrounding the computer screen.

Office Table Christmas Decorations
Office Table Christmas Decorations
Office Table Christmas Decorations

Christmas work desk/ pod decorations – under the Christmas tree!

Christmas Decoration Ideas for office tables
Office Table Christmas Decorations
Office Table Christmas Decorations

Santa Office Christmas Decorations

Office Table Christmas Decorations
Office Table Christmas Decorations

I really wanna do this to my table. I just hope my supervisor doesn’t freaks out HAHA!

Office Table Christmas Decorations
Office Table Christmas Decorations

More Creative Christmas Decorating Ideas for Office.

Who would have thought that decorating the comfort room can be this cute and easy. See what you can do with the roll of tissue.

Christmas Decoration Ideas for the CR

To entertain the customers, clients of the employees of the office, it’s nice to set up Christmas decorations on the office compound. There are many area’s suitable for this, the entrance, see the office ground, the vacant hallway where people could take  pictures turning it into instant photo booth. That would be so fun. Everyone, both kids and adults would so love to come to your office often.

Office Entrance Christmas Decorations
Office Christmas Decors

Recycle your soft drink bottles and turn them into creative Christmas decoration. Look at this DIY Snowman made of plastic bottles. Painted with white and accessorized with the right stuffs like eyes, scarf, nose and hats.

Christmas Decoration Ideas for the office

Christmas Photo Booth Ideas / Santa Photo Booth Prop

Christmas Decoration Ideas for office

DIY Snowman Outdoor Holiday Yard Decor

Christmas Decoration Ideas for office

The snowflakes for white Christmas never goes out of style for elegant and formal Christmas decoration idea

Christmas Decoration Ideas for Office
Christmas Decoration Ideas

Cubical Christmas Decorating for the office

Christmas Decoration Ideas for office

Awesome Christmas decoration DIY idea – make a faux fireplace from cardboard for Santa to come down for Christmas

Christmas Decoration Ideas for office
Beautiful Office Christmas Decors
Beautiful Office Christmas Decors

North Pole Christmas Decor

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas for office
Christmas Winter Decorating Ideas
Christmas Winter Decorating Ideas

Create DIY lighted gift boxes for Christmas! Choose your frame material from PVC, chicken wire, wood or plastic boxes to make this DIY Christmas decoration.

Christmas Decoration Ideas for office

For those offices that would like to keep their formality, this would be a nice Christmas decorations for the frames turned into gifts.

Office Christmas Decoration Ideas
Office Christmas Decoration Ideas
Christmas Office Decoration Ideas
Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Backdrop ideas for Party

Christmas Decoration Ideas for office

The above Christmas Decoration ideas for office are not limited to workplace alone. They could be good decorations for the home , school, church, malls and department stores too. If you’re aim is to attract and entertain clients, you’re on the right track. Consider the huge Christmas gifts with lights. It’s going to be a bomb. One I wanna try to is the White Christmas Decoration or Winter land Christmas theme with tons of snow around. It makes the atmosphere cooler. No matter how you wanna do it, do it with creativity and style. Good luck on that and I hope your holiday season is merrier as the last time. Enjoy!