dog-halloween-costumes-9We do have a lot of occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas or New Year, but we don’t always have it on a costume-themed-party the way we have it for Halloween. Obviously, it’s one gathering that people tend to look very unique, scary, eye-catchy and just so out of this world sometimes. Some would attend parties with their family, love ones, co-workers and friends. While there are some who only have dogs at home, can they not bring this little creature to party? To think, a dog is a man’s best friend! So where ever the owner goes, surely dogs would like to come too. What are you worrying about?

dog-halloween-costumes-8You can actually rock the night out with your dog if and only if you’d dress it awesomely perfect. Pets are naturally cute and lovable so you may think they don’t fit the for the Halloween party. But think twice! They can be very scary too and all you have to do is browse below and see which among the costumes would suit your pet’s personality. In our compilation below you will see the very common Halloween characters, TV and movie characters, animal costumes for dogs, superheroes, funny dog costumes, cute dog costumes and many more. Of course, if your goal is to frighten people then don’t forget to teach them “awoooooo” howl. Cheers and may you and your dog turn the heads of the party people in the event your attending. You can also dress them up even if you’re just going out in the neighborhood for a trick-or-treat.

Basic Halloween Character Costumes

Talking about the common characters associated with Halloween season. From ghosts, spirits, vampires and Dracula, Frankenstein, witches, mummy, skeleton, devil, zombies and pumpkins too.

Ghost or Spirit Costume for Dogs

Very simple yet awesome costume I may say. If you don’t have much time to find one, then with this ghost costume it would only take less than an hour to make it. All you need is a white cloth, black broad pen and a pair of scissors. You only have to cut 4 holes, 2 for the eyes and 2 for the ears. If your dog is as obedient as the one on the photo below, it’s not hard for you to dress it up like a spooky ghost. Still cute though!


Photo courtesy of Kimballstock

If there’s a gang of them, oh such a total riot! Some believed that dogs can see ghosts and that’s the very reason why they are howling. Looking at the picture below, I assume they’d be howling the whole time they are together because they are all ghosts!


Photo : Petslady

Dracula or Vampire Dog Costume

With that prop of coffin beside the pup, no doubt it’s a vampire. You better hide because it looks really hungry and ready to sip anyone’s blood!


Photo : mysmalldogclothes

Bat Dog Costume

From vampire, let’s get a little smaller. I’m talking about bats so here’s one photo of a bat costume for dog. It’s got tiny wings and an entire black cloth for the body.


Photo: ehow

Frankenstein Dog Costume

The horror monster is indeed alive!


Photo : Beescorner

I think this one below is spookier because those long spiky hair adds up to the more realistic Frankenstein look!


Photo : weirdnews

Witch Dog Costumes

Witches are those who perform black magic that could either harm someone or turn into a different creature. Get out of the way, else these witches might turn you into a dog!

Witch Costume for a Female Dog. Witches are usually female but not limited to.


Photo: gwlittle

Witch Costume for a Male Dog


Photo: petsclan

Mummy Dog Costume

Like the ghost or spirit costume, this one looks easy too. You just need a torn-out cloth or even bandages would do. Such a cheap dog costume. Time to mummify your pet.



Skeleton or Skull Dog Costumes

Hey ho people. I’m going out for a trick-or-treat tonight in the neighborhood hoping I could get a bunch of yummy bones. Could you give me a hint where the bones are?:) If only you knew! (lol)




Devil Costume for Dogs

The king of darkness is ready to party. It’s a “No more Mr. Nice Guy” tonight!


photo: costumecreations

Zombie Costume for Dogs

Are those intestines I’m seeing? Ewww!! Whoever did this costume is super talented. With those crows fighting over the dog’s intestines adds up to this horrifying scene.


photo: puplife

Pumpkin Costume for Dogs

A less of creep, but since Pumpkins are strongly associated with Halloween then here’s a Pumpkin dog costume. That bright orange outfit can still capture everybody’s attention.


Photo: halloweendogcostumes

More Scary Costumes for Dogs

Headless Dog Costume

This one is a total creep, but considering it’s a huge costume a dog may be easily annoyed to wear this.


Photo: Womansday

3 Heads Dog Costume

If you’re afraid of a headless dog, how about seeing a dog with 3 heads? I’d feel the same way for both!


photo: clevelandseniors

Dog Costume with a Knife Stuck on a Bleeding Head


photo: en.paperblog

TV and Movie Characters Dog Costumes

Wanna bring your pet, but don’t want them look spooky? If you just want to keep your pets pretty and sweet, well no problem. There are lots of dog costumes below and can also be used on other occasions aside from a Halloween Party.

Let’s begin with the Superheroes

Superman Dog Costume

It’s time for the “up, up and away!” Just don’t show me my kryptonite (yummy bone) because you know I’d get really weak.


photo: irresitablepets

Batman Dog Costume and Wonder Woman Dog Costume

By looking at the picture below, it looks Batman and Wonderwoman are officially dating. I thought Batman is for Catwoman? Oh so silly. He is now Batdog and we all know dog can’t love a cat! So Catwoman is out of the scene for now!


photo: mnn

Spiderman Dog Costume


photo: baxterboo

Uncle Sam Dog Costume

US Citizenship for your dog. This is another polyester costume features red, white and blue bodysuit. Also includes matching hat. Can also be used on 4th of July.



photo: costumecraze

Famous Super Mario and Luigi Brothers Dog Costume


photo: gadgetsin

Marilyn Monroe Dog Costume


photo: costumecraze

Animal Dog Costumes or New Creature Dog Costumes

Killer Shark Dog Costume

Just look at the sharp teeth! Who wouldn’t be afraid of this pup?


photo: baxterboo

Dinosaur Dog Costumes

Sharp teeth, ugly feet. What are you waiting for? Dress your dog into a spooky creature on a dark night!


photo: theyellowranger

Lobster Dog Costume

I’m not scared at all, I’m actually starving looking at this dog!


photo: spoilurpets

Caterpillar Dog Costume

You may be ugly for now but don’t worry you will be a pretty butterfly someday! 🙂 Next year’s Halloween I believe!


photo: emmaeraeshalloween

Bee Dog Costume


photo: costumes

Skunk Dog Costume


photo: badasspetz


Cave Man Oooops sorry! Cave Dog I mean!
This is a Flintstones inspired costume. Shirt and wig are included.


photo: folkparty

Punk Dog

Turn your pet into a cool rock star!


photo: kdhamptons

Pirate or Captain Hook Dog Costume

Oh that hook looks sharp!
















photo : costumecreations

More wholesome or friendly looking dog costumes so kids can hang with your pet too!

Pretty Flower

So pretty! Would love to try this for myself, oh i mean for my kitty! Includes the pink flower cape and antennae.


photo: beescorner

Hotdog Costume for Dogs

Literally, it’s a hot dog!


photo: ebay

Clown Dog Costume


photo: badasspetz

Angel Dog Costume


photo: baxterboo

McDonald Dog Costumes


photo: 3113

We should agree that sometimes when we’re seeing someone walking along with his or her pet, we stare not at the owner but instead to the cute little thing. They are obviously eye catchers too. So why not let them be fashion icons and let them own the night on a Halloween Party. People would surely love them, take pictures of them and if your pet can sign autographs then surely you need to bring a pen on that occasion. Let your dog enjoy this Howl’oween 2013!