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I was really surprised upon seeing today that ExpertsColumn is finally back to being a revenue-sharing-site. It was June 2013 when they decided to stop paying. I even wrote an article about it which was also my very last writing there. To make it short, the mass email they’ve sent their members stated that the authors won’t be able to edit or delete our posts while the site is still up to provide information in the web. I was not making big money there since I just started December 2012 and was not even diligent to write daily. Also in early January 2013, articles on ExpertsColumn were randomly deleted, including mine! I remember writing about it and how I was able to recover few posts (like 5-7) through Google cached but now I couldn’t find them. Perhaps there had been deletion again while I was not checking on the site anymore? lol. During my active stay there, I had 25-32 posts and had cashed out for 2 times. Minimum amount should be $5 for a member to request payment and would you imagine it took me 2 months to reach only $5?

Again, remembering the emails they’ve sent late last year informing members that soon ExpertsColumn will be better but very silent, yes- without a hint whether it’s paying authors again or not. I was honestly quite not interested since I only had less than 50 posts, but I know some people are happy with this uncertain news. I browsed the site a lot and saw some people had hundreds and some had thousands of posts. So if I’m getting $5 for 25-32 posts in 2 months, they may be getting $50 in 2 months if they had 250-320. Woah, it’s really not bad but honestly I’m not interested anymore. Why?

ExpertsColumn vs Snydle.Com: Snydle is so much better!


Well, I don’t hate ExpertsColumn. Let’s just say I found one site I like better than EC. If you’re wondering what it is, you are on the RIGHT site. Yeah it’s itself. When I joined EC in December 2012, my profile is but now it’s as what they refer to as sub-domain. That’s exactly the same with this site, having our own sub-domains so mine is With the recent revisions on ExpertsColumn, you are given the option whether to write for earning or to write just for sharing.

Now if you want me to tell you in details what made me think that it’s better to be staying in than on, then here are some notable points.

(Check on the site FAQs to see complete guide, rules and regulations. ExpertsColumn and Snydle)


Both get paid to write sites strictly allows original contents only. ExpertsColumn requires minimum of 400 words while Snydle requires minimum of 1,200 words. Should it be that 400 is better than 1,200?It’s like aiming the 400th word, you’re done and you can publish your article to start earning. I know to some that’s quite exciting. These few months I’ve learned that Content is the king so it is very necessary to make it a quality article. It gives you bigger chances to have a good search ranking, whether it’s from Google, Yahoo and more. When I write about something I like, 400 words for me is just the introduction and conclusion so I agree to write articles with more words. Some of my posts here even got 2500-3000 words. Even EC recommends on longer than 400 words as it is stated on their site FAQs # 6.


If you guys have tried using WordPress, Snydle is actually on a WordPress platform. THERE ARE NO MODERATORS. Once you publish your article, it goes live. In time you will be notified in case there are copyright notices about your articles. Your posts will be save back as a drafts and you have to revise it and remove any post violation. On EC, your articles will be reviewed at a maximum of 3 days. If it doesn’t get the required of approvals, it will be returned to you for revision and re-submission.


ExpertsColumn is writing articles and on plain text having 1 photo allowed which is called the “logo” while here in Snydle, photos are necessaries as long as it’s content related of course. Who would not agree that articles with more pictures are visually interesting right than plain text and a logo, right?



Snydle: “You are allowed to add links to your domain as long as it is an authoritative reference. Your links should look organic, which means that it should stand together with similar links.” Links can attached anywhere in your content.
ExpertsColumn: Maximum of 3 links and strictly must be written at the bottom of the article.

REVENUE SHARING /EARNINGS shares 50% of your sub-domains Google adsense earning while ExpertsColumn shares, I’m actually uncertain. I just remember getting $5.00 for 3,900+ views in 2 months. As what I’ve wrote above, EC gives you the option whether to write to make money or write blogs just for sharing purposes. If I’m writing just to share, I still wouldn’t use EC. There are better sites for that like Google’s very own and The edge of these 2 sites why I mentioned them is you could even customize the look of your site making it more personal.

Okay, getting back to the earnings. Below is the screen shot of my ExpertColumn’s earnings for 1 month duration, from January 15 – February 15 (1,185 views for 1 month duration). Based on the top 1 post, it’s 0.42755$ divided by 507 views making it an average of 0.0008 per page view.


I admit I have not been active for November, had no articles published both for January and February but still paid me for my revenue share as long as I don’t lapse on writing 3 straight months. In short, no writing in 3 months would forfeit your earning and would result to your sub-domains deletion. To compare my 1 month earning with EC, for January 2014 I had 19,312 page views earning me $69.49 AUD or $59.39 USD. That’s the big difference! Read more on how I got better page visits with Snydle.

EC pays per view while Snydle pays 50% of the entire Google revenue share of your sub-domain.



On EC’s site revision, it now allows earning for activities like wall posts on member’s profiles and commenting on articles. I’m unaware of the rate so if anyone could read this, giving us a hint of how’s it’s worth would be very helpful. Inform us on the comment section please? 🙂 That’s a good thing though, little by little it’s turning EC a social place to connect with other authors and that’s something unavailable here on Snydle. Since I was pleased with the new features, I was browsing the site and would like to see my friends’ activities and sad to say, nothing happens when I click on any tab. I had 2 conclusions. It’s either the tab functions doesn’t perform yet or all my added previous friends have already been deleted from my connection as a part of the site revision. It’s confirmed! They’d been deleted because I tracked my articles where I got comments from friends and realized even comments are deleted. So consider it a reset.

Note: EC strictly pays only genuine comments at a required length.



ExpertsColumn is legit and Snydle is legit. Yes, both sites are not scam writing sites.

On EC, for an author to cash out his or her earnings should be a minimum of $5 with 7-10 days clearing period. Payment methods for international authors are Paypal and Skrill (Moneybookers) while Indian writers can also opt to be paid through bank transfer.

On Snydle, we don’t request for payment since there’s no request page. The owner checks on the Google Analytics of every sub-domain to determine the earnings. So it’s not automated request, payment of e-Cash is manually done and made directly on our Paypal accounts. Take note,it’s e-Cash and not E-check so it doesn’t require clearing periods. Authors are paid 50% of the sub-domains Google earnings every first week of the month. Most of the time, it’s every 1st day. Snydle don’t have this earning page but you can track every single page view on the site stats section.


I love using Alexa to determine a site’s ranking. Photos below would initially give you hints of how both sites are performing but you can check for the full site info of and on Alexa.

expertscolumn-vs-snydleLooking at the Global ranking of both sites, the closest to spot #1 represents better ranking. It’s 48,766 for and 59,541 for ExpertsColumn. Such a coincident that I’ve come across these 2 get paid to write sites both owned by Indians. Indeed it shows that EC got better ranking on India being on 7,592 while Snydle is on 14,431 but for sites that are making money from Google Adsense, views from USA, Canada, Australia and European countries matter the most (even written on EC’s FAQa #7)


Maybe this is something I never experienced from ExpertsColumn. Ever since I started on that site,I only had one chance to talked with the owner. That’s when my posts are all put on hold/pending for plagiarism issue. It was devastating! No, not that they put my articles on hold but to be accused of plagiarism is sad especially when I knew the site wasn’t even monitored manually. I personally asked the site owner of EC to at least check my articles manually and he did! That’s when he agreed my posts are originals. Sad thing that whatever automated plagiarism they had before can be ineffective too.

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On Snydle, you can contact the site owner whenever you want through his email. For queries, you will be attended the soonest possible or if you’re on Gmail, you even get the chance of talking via Google chat. On my very first day, I was given hints of what to write and how to eventually rank on Google search engines. Again, never had taught me that on my stay on EC, not unless even EC owners doesn’t know how keywords would be very important to gain traffic. It’s not that you can’t write about your own interests on Snydle. You can write about what you love on, we just have to be on track so our articles won’t go to waste.



For Snydle, it’s a plus if you are also active on Social networking sites like Facebooks, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, email and more. If you have followers, that would be great that some people might be very interested of what you will write. I know that social sharing is also allowed on EC but believe it or not, authors on Snydle in one way or another would help each other to promote posts. So it works like cooperating than competing among each other.


I know both sites are very helpful to bloggers and readers in the internet. Both aims well to provide quality and original content. Only that, doesn’t just encourage you to write and do things on your own. You are well guided and that’s the biggest edge of this site. It helps you determine which topics would drive readers toward your site in every season also giving you chance of earning more. I’d say you couldn’t compare not unless you tried both. As of writing, I only have 50 posts and yet I’m earning much more than what others had earned from other sites, even some bloggers claimed EC to be the highest paying writing site. For me, not anymore.

See 2 other reviews and experiences below.

  • This EC member joined 10.11.2011 and reach his first payout of 5$ on 01.14.12 (date he published his review) or 3 months for 5$. Woah!

Write-and-get-paidNow, I’ve done my part of sharing. If you wanna know if it works for you, well that would be your part now. If there’s anything I’ve missed about ExpertsColumn, please write them down on the comment section. I am actually very interested to know how many authors there are in that site because as of writing, have less than 10 active authors. If you love to write, share and looking for serious money, this site can be your favorite in no time. Try it yourself and decided after writing 25-30 posts. It was my pleasure sharing with you my good ExpertsColumn experience and my even BETTER Snydle experience. Thanks for reading and happy blogging dear fellow bloggers!